Expert Witness Service?

The engaging of expert witness services in the legal sector for assistance with the settling of lawsuits is common practice across a wide range of specialties and countries.

Finding the right partner to provide expert witness services can be a challenge. Areas of expertise need to be carefully matched to specific circumstances and both parties need to maintain clear and concise communication prior to legal testimony.

Appointing experienced professionals with appropriate capabilities is vital for such a critical service. Our expertise in chemical analysis and failure analysis and reputation for providing reliable expert witness services positions us as your ideal partner.

Built over three decades, we have secured a global reputation for providing independent analysis and materials consultancy and expert witness services in legal and insurance disputes.

Proultimus  provides the technical testing support required in preparation for litigation:

  • Guidance to the best analytical testing method for the individual situation
  • Broad access to robust and well understood testing methods
  • A very broad analytical suite to address most chemicals, materials, and products
  • An integrated analytical approach that provides ready alternatives
  • Very experienced technical experts to consult on methods, explain results, and write opinions
  • High quality testing data from ISO certified laboratories
  • Careful handling of unique samples, including chain of custody and photographic documentation, long term storage, and protection of proprietary information
  • Expert witness to the analytical testing and failure analysis
  • Consulting around a very broad range of analytical testing

We offer expertise across a diverse range of industries and services. Our expert knowledge areas include metals and alloys, specialty chemicals, and a wide range of chemical products such as pharmaceuticals, pesticides, polymers, composites, concrete, ceramics and coatings and linings.

Materials degradation and failure analysis incorporating, corrosion fracture and fatigue are also areas in which we possess extensive specialist experience and knowledge. Exposure to restricted substances or perceived infringement on intellectual property space for any type of product may all require our integrated expert investigational analysis and expert witness services.

Typically, our projects include materials testing, chemical analysis, selection and review, failure investigation, causation and affect studies and risk assessment.

Our specialists present findings and opinions clearly and concisely, allowing complex technical issues to be understood by non-scientific personnel.

Engaging our expert witness services offers you access to a range of senior consultants and engineers who are recognized authorities in their individual areas of expertise. A number of our professionals are accredited by The Academy of Experts and have attended mediations and arbitrations in various countries around the globe.

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