DISPUTE RESOLUTION - it's importance?

DISPUTE RESOLUTION –  How Can we help you?
OUR EXPERT SERVICES – how we can help you
Our expert team has diverse experience and capabilities that allow them to address each client’s specific issues from the perspective of the unique demands of construction arbitration and litigation. Our standard work plan for providing engineering and construction claims analysis and expert testimony services is to use a phased approach. Our task assignments are dependent on the work already performed by our client, the availability of project documentation, the issues in dispute, and the timing of required work products that are defined by the arbitration/litigation schedule. Therefore, we can make any necessary adjustments to our typical work tasks. 
Our expert claim and dispute handling team can perform as below

  • Analyze claim letters exchanged between parties
  • Identify potential claims not raised and advise on further claims (if first approach by client is at arbitration stage)
  • Requests for Equitable Contract Adjustments/Claims Documents/Experts Reports
  • Expert Reports Pertaining to our Analysis and Defense Against Claims
  • CPM Schedule Analyses to Quantify Delay, Time Extension and Liquidated Damages Entitlement
  • Quantification of Direct and Indirect Damages Including Delay and Loss of Productivity
  • Graphics and Multimedia Presentation in Support of Negotiations and Expert Testimony
  • Computerized Document Database and OCR-Based Internet Document Repository and Retrieval System
  • Expert Testimony in Mediation, India and International Arbitration, Litigation, or ADR Forums
  • Independent, Third-Party Neutral Analysis of Claims/Facilitation of Settlement.
  • Advise client to initiate mediation, conciliation, DAB – if applicable;
  • Advise and assist client to invoke arbitration if mediation, conciliation fails
  • Manage the risk to protect our clients’ interest
  • Assist in Arbitration and / or court proceedings in techno-legal capacity
    • advise client to invoke arbitration by contractual and / or statutory provisions
    • assist client in obtaining interim protection orders;
    • assist client in conducting arbitration proceedings;
    • assist client in enforcing awards;
    • assist client to challenge award, if needed

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