Marine Pilot : is licensed professional was a seafarers who has expertise in the field of nautical and comply the requirements to pilotage the vessels.

Pilotage : is activities of the pilot giving advice and information to the master about the state of the local waters are important for cruise navigation can be implemented safely of the ship and the environment. Pilot is familiar with the  coastlines, shoals, harbors, ports, weather, tides, shipping  regulations and  restrictions of the area for which he is licensed by Governments (Ministry  of  Transportations).

Voluntary Pilotage Services (VPS) : a water area due to the condition of waters (full vessel traffic and to understood two-way communication between the ship) could do pilotage, for the avoidance of doubt the Captain may require pilotage for submit a request to use the facilities of pilotage

Marine Pilot in doing pilotage are required to dress in accordance defined by the decree of the Ministry of Transportation, as well as completed with communication equipment, safety equipment and other support equipments, the Director General of Sea Transportation through the local Harbormaster always giving development and coaching session to the pilot, deliberate neglect and evidenced by the Court of Maritime Law will be given administrative punishment until the foreclosure and grounded COC – COP and Pilot/Deep Sea Pilot License.